The various classes we offer are described below. You can find a calendar at the bottom of this page to view our upcoming events. Use our Facebook events page to RSVP. 

Real Estate Recovery Boot Camp

This workshop is designed for individuals who have experienced financial setbacks that resulted in delays to home ownership. The information provided at this event includes a closer look at current real estate market values & trends and offers resources to improve credit and strategize your next move.

Smart Investor

This workshop is designed for individuals who are interested in investing in rental properties. During this event, we will help you learn how to maximize NOI (Net Operating Income) & ROI (Return on Investment) and strategize for a Capitalization Rate that can surpass traditional returns from savings accounts & stock investment options.  We will also share information for the many resources needed to care for real estate assets.

First Time Homebuyer

This workshop is designed to introduce the first time home buyers to the many resources available for their first real estate purchase. This session will get buyers ready for the many-step process involved in buying a home. We will also share plenty of information for resources needed in home ownership.

Love it Now or List it Later

Most people regret their decision to update their home just before they move out, realizing that they could have enjoyed these home improvements while they still lived there. Discover new options for  smart updates that will improve the market value - and the enjoyment value - of your current home BEFORE you move out

Ready Renter

Today's rental market can be quite challenging! From finding a rental that meets your needs, to figuring out the required tenant qualifications, our leasing experts can help you navigate this process and learn what it takes to qualify as a renter for some of the area's finest rental homes.