Guiding Home Sellers

The complicated process of selling a home is simplified with the skills of a professional Realtor.  Key Realty makes sense of the fluctuations in price and activity, which translates into helping sellers-

  • Accurately preparing home for sale, including attractively staging the home

  • Properly positioning the home on the market - priced to sell!

  • Discussing realtistic expectations

  • Gathering feedback

  • Reviewing ongoing market conditions

  • Adjusting market strategy to meet the market as needed

  • Negotiating on Seller’s behalf 

Selling a Home for the First Time

Over the years, we invest time, money, and energy into our homes. They become a focal point for our families. We attach sentimental value to them. They become a large part of our lives and will be memories and stories for years to come. Selling that home is an emotional experience that can become overly complicated and stressful without the help of a trusted professional. 

Enter Key Realty. We know how much your home means to you and we want to help protect YOUR best interests in selling your home. We can help you achieve the greatest value for your property and will guarantee that we will sell it faster than 90% of other homes on the market. You can trust that we know your area, that we’ve done our homework, and that we will advertise it properly, at no additional cost to you!

If you’d like to set up a confidential, no obligation listing appointment, click below to contact us today! 

Will YOU Be Our Next VIP Listing?

When you are ready to sell your home, Key Realty can show you how to stand out from the rest of the "For Sale" signs in the neighborhood with our VIP listing designation.
VIP listing is a Very Impressive Property, letting home buyers know that your home is not to be missed!

  • Pre-inspection Designation

  • Roof Certification

  • HVAC Certification

  • Septic/Well Certification

  • Pest Certification

  • Point of Sale Compliance

  • After all the inspections to get your home to VIP status, we help you develop a "punch-list" of  items that need attention, and can refer you to qualified contractors, tradesmen and craftsmen to get the job(s) done!

  • A customized website designed for your address  features a video tour of your home

As a Key Realty VIP listing, your home is professionally photographed, including exterior aerial photos - and a special sign rider designates your home with this esteemed status!

In addition, a VIP listing has a comprehensive Home Warranty in place during the listing period that is transferable to a new owner for an additional year of coverage!

Television advertising!  Your home is featured on Channel 8's Sunday television program, "Real Estate Showcase" & on their website:

In a word, a Key Realty VIP listing is Turn-Key!

Give your home the attention it deserves to sell FAST - contact us today to learn more!